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Software Packages

RIEGL's proprietary software is the ideal companion for RIEGL laser scanners. Separate programs have been designed for the different applications of unmanned, terrestrial, airborne, and mobile systems, fully capitalizing on the scanners’ capabilities. RIEGL's software suite seeks to optimize acquisition in the field, provide tools for rigorous point cloud analyses, and present a variety of functions for data processing. Furthermore, the software boasts an unparalleled ability to transfer data to numerous third party post-processing software platforms, making it ideal for multifaceted projects.

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Terrestrial Laser Scanning Software

RiSCAN PRO Operating and Processing Software · RiMINING Processing Software for Mining · RiSOLVE Software for Providing One-Touch-Solutions for 3D Digital Scene Capture · RiVLIB Data Acquisition Software · RiWaveLIB Data Acquisition Software · RiPROFILE Operating and Processing Software · RiSCANLIB-3D Offline/Online Library for Z-Series Scanners · RiMTA TLS Terrestrial Laser Scanning Software · RiSCANLIB-2D Offline/Online Library for Q-Series Scanners

Airborne & Mobile Laser Scanning Software

RiACQUIRE Data Acquisition Software · RiANALYZE Full Waveform Analysis Software · RiWORLD Data Processing Software · RiPROFILE Operating and Processing Software · RiPROCESS Data Processing Software · RiHYDRO Hydrography Laser Scanning Software · RiMTA ALS Airborne Laser Scanning Software · RiPRECISION MLS Automatic Adjustment of Mobile Scan Data · RiPRECISION UAV Automatic Adjustment of RIEGL Scan Data · RiVLIB Data Acquisition Software · RiWaveLIB Data Acquisition Software · RiPARAMETER · RiDB Pointcloud Modeling in AVEVA PDMS Environment
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