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The RIEGL scan database RiDB is a software package for a database driven workflow to provide RIEGL point clouds in AVEVA‘s PDMS software. In today‘s lifecycle management of processing facilities, point clouds have taken over a valuable role for as-built information, which can be used for modeling, clash detection and various other tasks.

To increase efficiency in the scan to model process, RIEGL provides a plug in for AVEVA PDMS to directly connect the RiDB to the PDMS user interface. The point clouds can be loaded straight into the active viewport of PDMS, to be used with any existing 3D model of the facility, or to act as a modeling reference.

The software package consists of three components. A database connector provides export functions from the RiSCAN PRO viewport to the RIEGL database RiDB. The RiDB is the central point cloud storage built upon a SQL database system and comes with a management tool for setup and maintenance. A plug in for AVEVA PDMS completes the workflow and connects to the database to establish a direct access to the point clouds in RiDB. Automatically derived cubes provide a testing geometry for rapid clash detection.

Main Features  · Main Applications

Main Features
  • AVEVA Laser Modeller Interface (LMI) required
  • Pointclouds stored in SQL database
  • Direct export of pointcloud from RiSCAN PRO to the database
  • Remote Access of database

Main Applications
  • Clash detection
  • As-built documentation
  • Life-cycle management
  • Piping


Datasheet RiDB
(PDF, 418KB)

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