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  • Industrial distance and speed sensing
  • Collision avoidance for cranes and vehicles
  • Level measurement in silos
  • Laser altimeter
  • Sensor for ship docking

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    Data Interfaces

    ECP (available for EHS types only) : Parallel interface (extended capabilities port)
    RS232 & RS422 (selectable, standard for all types): Baud rate selectable between 150 Bd and 19200 Bd, further 38.4 kBd and 115.2 kBd

    RS422 high speed (available for VHS types only): 115.2 kBd, asynchronous

    Available Data Output Options 1

    Analog current: 4-20 mA, not galvanically isolated, resolution 16 Bit, linearity 1 % of full scale
    Analog voltage: 0-10 V, not galvanically isolated, resolution 12 Bit

    Switching output: 2 x PNP transistor driver, built-in thermal and short-circuit protection switching current 200 mA max., switching voltage = supply voltage

    Power Supply

    Option 220 VAC: external power supply module VNG95
    Standard: 11-28 Volts DC, approx. 10 Watt built-in protecting circuitry for over-voltage and reverse polarity

    Temperature Range

    -10ºC to +50ºC (Operation)
    -20ºC to +60ºC (Storage)

    Main Dimensions (L x W x H)

    200 x 130 x 76 mm


    1.5 kg

    Protection Class


    Aiming Device

    Optional. Telescope or red semiconductor-laser beampointer to be mounted on top of the instrument.
    1 Operating range selectable via serial interface. Switching points adjustable via serial interface.


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