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Laser Distance and Level Sensor LD90-3-GF with glass-fiber coupled Remote Optical Head

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Data Interfaces

ECP (available for EHS types only) : Parallel interface (extended capabilities port)
RS232 & RS422 (selectable, standard for all types) Baud rate selectable between 150 Bd and 19200 Bd, further 38.4 kBd and 115.2 kBd
RS422 high speed (available for VHS types only) 115.2 kBd, asynchronous

Available Data Output Options 1

Analog current: 4-20 mA, not galvanically isolated, resolution 16 Bit, linearity 1% of full scale
Analog voltage: 0-10 V, not galvanically isolated, resolution 12 Bit
Switching output: 2 x PNP transistor driver, built-in thermal and short-circuit protection, switching current 200 mA max., switching voltage = supply voltage

Power Supply

Option 220 VAC: external power supply module VNG95
Standard: 11-28 Volts DC, approx. 10 Watt built-in protecting circuitry for over-voltage and reverse polarity

Temperature Range - Electronics

-10ºC to +50ºC (Operation)
-20ºC to +60ºC (Storage)

Temperature Range - Optical Head

-20ºC to +80ºC (Operation)
-20ºC to +80ºC (Storage)

Weight (Approx) Protection Class2

Electronics Unit: 1.5 kg, IP64
MK36: 0.67 kg, IP62

MK36-HT: 10 kg, IP64

MK36-Z65: 0.4 kg, IP62

MK42: 0.75 kg, IP62

MK42-Z80: 3.0 kg, IP64

MK56-HT: 3.8 kg, IP60

MK56-Z150: 6.0 kg, IP66

MK75-Z210: 19 kg, IP64

Aiming Device

Optional. Telescope attached to the optical head with a mounting plate
1 Operating range selectable via serial interface
Switching points adjustable via serial interface
2 Glass-fiber cables attached


·  LD90-3GF Laser Distance and Level Sensor-2


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