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The scanner library accomplishes the tasks of scanner parametrization and data acquisition. The whole range of RIEGL Q-series scanners can be accessed by a single uniform interface and multiple scanners may be controlled from a single PC. Multithreaded architecture assures smooth data acquisition while the user program might be engaged in advanced calculations or online data display.

The library is usable for online and offline data decoding. The native or raw binary data as received from the scanner hardware is presented to the application software in its native data format, i.e. floating point numbers. The library also performs any desirable corrections to the data on the fly and presents it to the user as 2-D points in a cartesian coordinate system.

The library comes with comprehensive documentation and sample code in C++/Pascal.

Main Features  · Additional Notes

Main Features
  • Converts binary data stream to high level data types
  • Allows easy scanner configuration
  • Delivers data in spherical or cartesian coordinates
  • Integrated data logging

Additional Notes
  • Runs on Windows NT, 2000, and XP platforms
  • Supports Qxxx series
  • Example programs for C++/Pascal available


Datasheet RiSCANLIB-2D
(PDF, 74KB)

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