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LMS-Q780 Full Waveform Analysis Airborne Laser Scanner for High Operating Altitude

The RIEGL® LMS-Q780 long-range airborne laser scanner makes use of a powerful laser source, multiple-time-around (MTA) processing, and digital full waveform analysis. This combination allows the operation at varying flight altitudes and is therefore ideally suited for aerial survey of complex terrain.

Unique features of this instrument include the automated resolution of range ambiguities, typically occurring at large measurement ranges and high repetition rates. The effect of range ambiguities appearing in airborne laser scanning is known as “multiple-time-around” or “multiple-pulses-in-the-air. RIEGL’s new generation of airborne laser scanners overcome this limitation by multiple-time-around (MTA) processing.

The RIEGL LMS-Q780, with more than 10 simultaneous pulses in the air, results in the best point spacing on the ground. This eliminates the need of terrain following while retaining a high effective rate. Industry leading digital signal processing, combined with the comprehensive RIEGL Software Suite, delivers best in class results.

Main Features:

  • Up to 266,000 measurements/sec on the ground
  • Operating flight altitude up to 15,500 ft AGL
  • Multiple time around processing:more than 10 pulses (MTA 10) simultaneously in the air
  • Full waveform analysis for unlimited number of target echoes
  • High laser pulse repetition rate up to 400 kHz
  • Various laser power settings for different fields of application
  • High ranging accuracy 20 mm
  • Wide scan field of view up to 60°
  • Suited for measuring snowy and icy terrain

Main Applications:

  • High Altitude Wide Area Mapping
  • Flood Zone Mapping
  • Large Scale National Mapping
  • Glacier & Snowfield Mapping
  • Topography & Mining
  • Mapping of Lakesides & River Banks
  • Corridor Mapping
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • City Modeling


LMS-Q780 Infosheet
(PDF, 1387KB)

Datasheet RIEGL LMS-Q780
(PDF, 1093KB)

LMS-Q780 White Paper
(PDF, 2409KB)

Datasheet RiWORLD
(PDF, 383KB)

Datasheet RiMTA ALS
(PDF, 344KB)

System Configuration LMS-Q780
(PDF, 619KB)

(PDF, 568KB)

(PDF, 157KB)

RiPROCESS Datasheet
(PDF, 923KB)

RiACQUIRE Datasheet
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