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With the VMX-1HA-RAIL, RIEGL offers a proven, fully integrated high speed mobile laser scanning system for the demanding field of railway applications allowing for a high degree of automation in surveying and processing. It provides acquisition of a 360° field of view recording trackage, overhead wiring, rail heads and the complete periphery.

The fully-calibrated measuring head with optional camera system and open interfaces to various external sensors is combined with a lifting frame for crane installation and a mounting frame interface to different rail cars for quick and user-friendly system setup.

The corresponding RIEGL software packages offer comfortable features in data acquisition and processing and provide direct interfacing to third-party software packages to get main outcomes like clearance analysis, collision detection with train passage simulations, axis based measurements and surface monitoring, e.g. tunnel analysis.

Main Features:
  • Easy to mount lifting frame for fast installation by crane
  • Additional mechanical interface for quick installation on various rail cars
  • Main cable extensions for safe remote operation
  • Optical distance measurement indicator optimized for railways
  • Specially designed 19 inch rack based control module for fixed installation in a rail car
  • Additional 230 V AC uninterruptible main power supply for quick and reliable operation

Main Applications:

  • Mapping of Rail Tracks and Rail Infrastructure
  • Rapid Safe Data Capture with Minimal Disruption to Network Schedules
  • Clash Detection
  • Axis Based Measurements of Rail Infrastructure
  • Clearance Analysis


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Datasheet VMX-1HA
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Datasheet VUX-1HA
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Datasheet RiWORLD
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Datasheet RiPROCESS
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Datasheet RiACQUIRE
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