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VMZ Hybrid 3D Mapping Mobile Laser Scanners

The new, fully integrated, accurate, and compact RIEGL VMZ Hybrid Mobile Laser Mapping System enables combined static and kinematic data acquisition using a single RIEGL VZ-400, VZ-1000 or VZ-2000 laser scanner - resulting in lower mobilization costs and a high return on investment.

Flexible setup, easy mounting, and a user-friendly workflow mobilize your RIEGL 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner for applications like mapping of transportation infrastructure, city modeling, mine surveying, bulk measurements, etc.



Main Features:

  • IMU/GNSS unit, fully integrated to support RIEGL VZ-400(i),VZ-1000 and VZ-2000 scanners for mobile (kinematic) data acquisition
  • Easy coupling and de-coupling of the VZ scanner from IMU/GNSS unit
  • Quick switch from mobile to terrestrial applications, and vice versa, without losing stability of system calibration
  • Flexible installation options - vertical and horizontal setup
  • Frame based roof-mount compatible with standard roof bars
  • Image data acquisition with a calibrated and GPS synchronized NIKON® DSLR camera
  • Additionally panoramic camera systems such as POINT GREY Ladybug® are available
  • Single power supply for VZ scanner and IMU GNSS unit from a standard car battery
  • Easy system operation with single laptop running RiACQUIRE (additional camera may need an additional laptop)

Main Applications:

  • Efficient Data and Image Acquisition
  • GIS Mapping and Asset Management
  • City Modeling
  • Surveying in Open-Pit Mining
  • Measurement of Bulk Materials
  • Road Surface Scans
  • Shore Surveying and Marine Applications
  • Civil Engineering
  • Topography
  • Monitoring
  • Facade Modeling
  • As-Built Surveying
  • Architecture
  • Archaeology


RIEGL VMZ Brochure
(PDF, 985KB)

Datasheet VZ-2000i
(PDF, 2698KB)

Datasheet VZ-400i
(PDF, 2738KB)

(PDF, 1760KB)

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