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VUX-1HA Compact Rugged Laser Scanner

The VUX-1HA high accuracy mobile scanning system is a very lightweight, compact and rugged laser scanner, that is easily mountable to whatsoever type of moving platform. The sensor meets the challenges of terrestrial mobile data acquisition in both measurement performance and in system integration. It is designed to be mounted in any orientation and even under limited space conditions and is perfectly suited for challenging survey missions based on cars, trains, robots, etc.

This powerful technology comprises two RIEGL VUX-1HA High Accuracy LiDAR sensors and a high performance INS/GNSS unit, housed in an aerodynamically-shaped protective cover.

The "full circle" Field of View (FOV) of 360°, a very high laser pulse repetition rate of more than 1 MHz as well as an accuracy of 5 mm allow for excellent measurement results in applications like tunnel profile measuring, indoor and outdoor laser mapping, and railway applications.

Main Features:

  • 5 mm survey-grade accuracy
  • Scan speed up to 250 scans / second
  • Measurement rate up to 1,000,000 meas./sec
  • "Full circle" field of view of 360° for unrestricted data acquisition
  • Regular point pattern, perfectly parallel scan lines
  • Cutting edge RIEGL technology providing
    - echo signal digitization
    - online waveform processing
    - multiple-time-around processing
  • Multiple target capability - practically unlimited number of targets echoes
  • Compact (227x180x125 mm), lightweight (3.5 kg), and rugged
  • Easily mountable to whatsoever type of moving platform
  • Mechanical and electrical interface for IMU mounting
  • Electrical interfaces for GPS data string and Sync Pulse (1PPS)
  • LAN-TCP/IP interface
  • Scan data storage on internal 240 GByte SSD Memory

Main Applications:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Laser Mobile Mapping
  • Tunnel Profile Measurements
  • Railway Applications like Clearance Analysis, etc.


Datasheet VUX-1HA
(PDF, 3356KB)

Datasheet RiPROCESS
(PDF, 417KB)

Datasheet RiWORLD
(PDF, 384KB)

Datasheet RiACQUIRE
(PDF, 2748KB)

Infosheet RIEGL VUX-1 Series
(PDF, 1671KB)

Infosheet PH-VUX
(PDF, 256KB)

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