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VUX-1 Series

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RIEGL’s VUX-1, the world’s first survey-grade UAV LiDAR sensor, was unveiled in 2014. Since its introduction, it has already been deployed by more than 30 customers around the world, and now is made available in three different application-optimized versions.

The sensors are designed to be mounted in any orientation and even under limited weight and space conditions. The VUX-1 series instruments provide high performance data acquisition for all fields of kinematic laser scanning from mobile to UAV-based and airborne applications.


Infosheet RIEGL VUX-1 Series
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Measurement Accuracy

Measurement Rate

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Scan Speed


VUX-1HA, High Accuracy Laser Scanner for mobile laser scanning 5 mm 1000000 measurement/second Up to 355 º 250 scans/second 3.6 kg
VUX-1UAV, Survey-Grade Laser Scanner for UAS/UAV-based laser scanning 10 mm Up to 500000 measurement/second Up to 330 º 200 scans/second 3.6 kg
VUX-1LR, Long Range Laser Scanner for airborne laser scanning 15 mm 750000 measurement/second Up to 330 º 200 scans/second 3.6 kg
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1 
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