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RIEGL PH-400i/2000i

For applying the terrestrial laser scanners VZ-400i and VZ-2000i in harsh and demanding industrial environments, RIEGL provides a rugged and robust industrial protective housing, equipped with thermo-electric coolers and forced-air cooling.

Industrial standard connectors and supply cables provide for a smooth integration into customer-specific systems.

RiVLIB, RIEGL's interface software library, accompanying RIEGL V-Line Laser Scanners, allows integrating the instrument in already existing software environments and workflows. Additional application-specific RIEGL software packages are offered, e.g. RiMONITOR for monitoring of terrain deformations by analyzing the changes of surfaces.

Main Features
  • Rugged and robust industrial protective housing for RIEGL VZ-i Line Terrestrial Laser Scanners
  • Hermetically-sealed, with thermo-electric coolers and forced-air cooling
  • Industrial standard connectors and supply cables
  • Application-specific interface and software solutions
Main Applications
  • Automatic Stockpile Surveillance
  • Automatisation of Stackers & Reclaimers
  • Slope Angle Control
  • Process Automation
  • Autonomous Navigation

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