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VZ-400i 3D Laser Scanning System

Terrestrial Scanners

RIEGL terrestrial scanners have a long, proud, and proven history of excellence and practicability. The applications are wide ranging: topography, mining, architecture, archaeology, civil engineering, and city modeling are the most common. But by no means do these represent an exhaustive list of the solutions provided by RIEGL's high precision, highly accurate line of terrestrial systems.

Airborne Scanners

RIEGL's unequaled advances in full-waveform scanning technology has made it a consistent mainstay of the airborne LiDAR market. With systems designed for applications as diverse as power line mapping, agriculture, urban acquisition, and more-- RIEGL airborne scanners offer the most robust, high-resolution data available in the field today.

Unmanned Scanners

For years, RIEGL airborne laser scanners have been successfully integrated with a number of high-end unmanned airborne systems.

To meet with the specific challenges arising out of this emerging field, RIEGL has expanded its technological purview to include the new VUX unmanned laser series.

These scanners were designed with small unmanned systems in mind with the range and field of view capabilities demanded by larger vehicles. This results in a line of scanners that are compact, lightweight, and versatile without sacrificing the power and precision that has come to define RIEGL systems.


Mobile Scanners

RIEGL mobile scanning systems are a long standing symbol of innovation in the industry. These scanners are designed to collect robust LiDAR point clouds from moving platforms with survey-grade accuracy. In effect, they are fully integrated solutions with ultra-transportability in mind.

Industrial Scanners

The RIEGL industrial product line is ideally suited for formidable industrial projects while consistently exceeding customer expectations. These systems are exceptionally compact, reliable, and highly durable-- providing peerless performances in demanding environments.

Bathymetric Systems

The new RIEGL VQ-880-G is a fully integrated airborne laser scanning system for combined hydrographic and topographic surveying. The system is offered with integrated and factory-calibrated high end GNSS/IMU system and cameras. The design allows flexible adaptation of these components to specific application requirements. Complemented by a RIEGL data recorder, the RIEGL VQ-880-G is a complete LiDAR system to be installed on various platforms in a straightforward way.


Software Packages

RIEGL's proprietary software is the ideal companion for RIEGL laser scanners. Separate programs have been designed for the different applications of unmanned, terrestrial, airborne, and mobile systems, fully capitalizing on the scanners’ capabilities. RIEGL's software suite seeks to optimize acquisition in the field, provide tools for rigorous point cloud analyses, and present a variety of functions for data processing. Furthermore, the software boasts an unparalleled ability to transfer data to numerous third party post-processing software platforms, making it ideal for multifaceted projects.
Laser Distance Meters

Laser Distance Meters

The sensors of the LD05 series are based on precise time-of-flight laser range measurement. Short infrared laser pulses provide excellent interferences immunity, a narrow measurement beam with low divergence allows for excellent spatial resolution. Regardless of the angle of incidence of the beam and the surface characteristics, measurements to almost any surface are practicable. Using state-of-the-art signal processing technique the sensors provide accurate distance measurement for even complex multi-target situations, e.g. under bad visibility conditions due to rain, fog, dust, etc. Digitizing the echo signal and subsequent analyzing allows detection of up to five target distances for each laser shot.

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