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VQ-880-GH Topo-Hydrographic Airborne Laser Scanners

The sister type RIEGL VQ-880-GH has been especially designed with reduced height optimized for helicopter integrations.

Both systems carry out laser range measurements for high resolution surveying of underwater topography with a narrow, visible green laser beam, emitted from a powerful pulsed laser source. Subject to clarity, at this particular wavelength the laser beam penetrates water enabling measurement of submerged targets.

The RIEGL VQ-880-G comprises a high precision inertial measurement sensor for subsequent precise estimation of the instrument's exact location and orientation. A high-resolution digital camera and optionally an additional infrared laser scanner are integrated to supplement the data gained by the green laser scanner. The rugged internal mechanical structure together with the dust- and splash water proof housing enables long-term operation on airborne platforms.

Compared with the RIEGL VQ-880-G the VQ-880-GH is ready for integration of 2 digital cameras.


Main Features:
  • Designed for combined topographic and hydrographic airborne survey
  • High accuracy ranging based on echo digitization and online waveform processing with multiple-target capability
  • Multiple-time-around processing for straightforward mission planning and operation
  • Concurrent full waveform output for all measurements for subsequent full waveform analysis
  • High spatial resolution due to measurement rate of up to 550 kHz and high scanning speed of up to 160 scans/sec
  • Integrated inertial navigation system
  • Additional, fully integrated infrared laser scanner (optional)
  • VQ-880-GH: up to two integrated cameras
  • Compact and robust housing compliant with typical hatches in aircrafts and with stabilized platforms
  • VQ-880-GH:form factor optimized for helicopter integrations

Main Applications:

  • Coastline and Shallow Water Mapping
  • Acquiring Base Data for Flood Prevention
  • Measurement for Aggradation Zones
  • Habitat Mapping
  • Surveying for Hydraulic Engineering
  • Hydro-Archaeological-Surveying



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Datasheet RIEGL VQ-880-GH
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